Auto Transmission: The Important Thing You Should Know

Nowadays auto transmission vehicles are very trending, most manufactures are tent to manufacture auto transmission vehicle. Let’s talk today about a gear position in auto gear vehicle. Do you know what’s really going on with S, B, L gears? Why use the shift lock button? About a lot of things that seem important.

Auto Transmission Vs Manual Transmission

In a manual transmission, the gears range from 1 to 5 or 6. But there is no way to change gears one by one in a vehicle with auto transmission. Most people know to leave D and go to R and reverse P and stop the vehicle.

Not only manual gearbox but automatic gearbox also can switch to any gear we want. Now let’s talk about these gears one by one.

P = Park

automatic transmission park gear
Auto Transmission Park Gear

This is a gear position that everyone knows in auto transmission vehicles. The key of the vehicle can only be removed when you put gear to the park gear. keyless entry vehicles, if the vehicle is in the wrong gear without the P, will be able to indicate the dashboard and can’t even lock the car.

Another is to shift the gear from the P position to the brake pedal.

R = Reverse

D = Drive

N = Neutral

There’s nothing to explain about the above gear, I think everyone knows about those. Now let’s talk about extra gears

S = 2nd Gear or Sports Mode

This is a gear position that most people don’t know about. It’s up to the auto transmission car manufacturer to figure out what’s going on with the S.

The 2nd gear is a vehicle that can only be driven in gears 1 and 2. Often it is good to drive in the S gear when driving in the mountain areas. And the car goes well without any difficulty. This gear can also speed up another vehicle. Because the 2nd gear has a higher acceleration or the vehicle is speeding up with a large RPM in a short amount of time. This gear changes the engine quite a bit in sports mode. Often high gears change gears. This gear can be used to get high speed by giving greater power. But fuel efficiency is very low. If such a sports mode is in the vehicle, you can see a separate button or You can also see auto transmission vehicles manufactured in some other way to switch to this mode.

L = Low Gear or B = Engine Braking

In short, this is the auto transmission vehicle’s 1st gear. It is only when this gear is in the position that you get the most power. L or S gear helps if you are pulling a heavyweight or need to slide down a steep slope. And this gear is perfect for riding on a very high mountain.

OD = overdrive

Overdrive means more than the right amount. This overdrive position is often seen as a small button on the gear lever. But the location may vary depending on the manufacturer. This is a place where many people get confused as to whether this is on or off. The O / D is on while the button is pressed. The dashboard will not show any light at all. But when we press the button, the O / D turns off. Then the dashboard will light up as O/D off.

What does this button actually do?

We all know that we can’t change gear in a vehicle with an automatic gearbox. When considering a 5-speed auto gear vehicle with the switch off O/D, it is only switching to 4th gear. But with O / D on, we can drive the vehicle at a much lower RPM. Simply says, the O / D’s are the ones that tell the vehicle whether to put on the maximum gear or not. It is important to keep the O / D on when it is on the highway. This is because when the vehicle is moving at high speed and the RPM is running too long, gearbox and the engine may become overheated. If you are on a road with mountains, it is best to turn off the O / D. There may be another problem for you now about how about fuel consumption. There is a good amount of fuel economy in the auto transmission vehicle when the O / D is turned on.

Auto Transmission Shift lock

automatic transmission car Shift lock

If the auto transmission vehicle is unable to start, that means that if the vehicle’s battery is down or an accident, the vehicle may not be able to shake. Then we can move the vehicle by pressing the shift lock and putting the gear in the N position.

Best problem?

Is it better to switch to Neutral gear when meet slop?

It’s not advisable to put on neutral gear to save fuel, whether manual or auto transmission.  The main reason is that we are losing control of the vehicle. Another thing is that when the wheels are spinning the axle of the vehicle is rotated. Then the power to the engine and the gearbox can cause a lot of faults. Because the gear wheels on the bottom of the gearbox can be so damaged.

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