Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone as its first foldable display device. This has been talked about by many as a somewhat failed product. This is because of its folding screen and the fact that this mobile phone is easily damaged. However, Samsung recently launched another foldable smartphone. Namely, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The specialty is that it can bend vertically.

samsung galaxy z flip

Once the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone folds, it can easily pocket. Manufacturers say the Samsung Galaxy Fold is more robust and resilient to rough usage. Since this is a foldable phone, it is easy to get into the dusty cell phone from the bending position, so it has been covered with fine fiber to prevent it. This smartphone design to prevent the screen from touching one another.

z flip fold image

Galaxy Z Flip Features

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone is available in three colors. They are Mirror Purple, Mirror Black, and Mirror Gold. It has a 6.7-inch full screen, 73.6 millimeters wide. The height is 167.3 millimeters. After the folder vertically its height is 87.4 millimeters. Weight is 183 grams.

galaxy z flip colours

The main screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is an FHD + Dynamic AMOLED full screen, while the small front screen is a 1.1-inch Super AMOLED display. Flexible glasses use to design the main screen of this smartphone.

z flip camera

The front camera is 10 megapixels, while the dual rear cameras feature 12 megapixels wide-angle and 12 megapixels ultra-wide cameras. The camera also includes features like Optical Image Stabilization, Scene Optimizer, Shot Suggestions, Flaw Detection. It also has 4K 60fps video recording, 1080p 240fps Slow motion, 720p 960fps Super Slow-motion, and 1080p Hyper lapse video recording capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a 3300mAh dual battery that can run all day, as well as fast charging. 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of main memory capacity.

The Weaknesses

Reviewers say that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which at first glance seems to have some of the most beautiful attractive finish. But it has some weaknesses. The first weakness here is the foldable screens. Although Samsung claims the screen is glass made of plastic similar to glass. Therefore, it makes it easier to scratch. The bending position also has subtle bumps, which can cause the user some trouble when continually touching the screen. There also have several instances where the screen damage during bending.

Samsung galaxy z flip weakness

Another weakness is that dust particles and sand enter the cell phone from the bend place. Samsung has made use of fine-grained fiber to prevent dust from entering. However, Reviewers say that the dust particles can go inside from the bend of the Galaxy Z. Therefore, it believes that the bending and unfolding of the device will cause damage to the interior.

However, the Galaxy Z Flip is far ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. Samsung Galaxy X Flip is available for purchase from 1380 USD.

vertical fold

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