Under Display Camera: Samsung’s New Infinity

Samsung launched its Display Types last year. So the new type of display that is yet to come out is the New Infinity. Samsung has confirmed that a new Infinity phone will be launched next year. Therefore, there is a big competition in the mobile phone industry. Samsung uses a creative name called Under Display Camera (UDC for short) for this technology.

Full view display

In the present Bezel-Less Pop-Up Camera, Punch Hole Camera has removed from the notch, and the device has come with the full view device. So much research has been done so far to achieve under the display camera technology. There are a number of famous companies on the market right now, but none of these efforts are 100% successful. The ultimate goal of the company can introduce as a build device with full view display and send it to market without Notch Popup like tactics.

under the display camera

A new report reveals that Samsung faces technical challenges with its own camera under the screen. There are no more camera cutouts or electric pop-up selfie cameras. Instead, Samsung can select a sensor that is hidden under the screen. Despite being transparent, OLED panels distort the incident light on the sensor and reduce image quality, so the Korean technology giants are trying to avoid this problem.

Where’s the camera located at?

Samsung’s under-display camera works by creating a transparent section where the current punch-hole camera is placed. The first is to ensure that the OLED panel is as transparent as possible, and the second is to develop good software algorithms that minimize distortion.

This technology is called UDC / HIAA by Samsung.  HIAA stands for Hole in Active Area. So, they have already announced that Mass Productions will be launching in early 2020 on OLED Panels with HIAA Technology. At this time, other news has been given. Another Device to come with UDC Technology. Currently patented is the Rotating Under Display Camera Phone. This allows the camera to rotate front and back. What’s special is that it comes with an under-display rotating camera.

Samsung under the display technology

So now everyone has a problem.

Will this Device be S11?

No, it has already been confirmed that this is neither S11 nor Fold 2. This is most likely the start of the Galaxy X Series. Or there a rumor that we can see this from the Galaxy A Series.

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