China is developing a nuclear battery

China Developing 50-Year Nuclear Battery for Mobile Phones

Charging your phone every now and then is a pain, isn’t it? What if you find a phone with a battery that doesn’t need to be charged for fifty years?… Read more
wifi 6

Wi-Fi 6 – Is it Really Much Faster

History of Wi-Fi Today’s article presents the latest information on Wi-Fi that everyone knows. Wi-Fi was first introduced to users in 1997 if you know a little about the history… Read more
How to Create a Detailed Battery Report in Windows 10

How to Create a Detailed Battery Report in Windows 10

The battery of the laptop or tablet with Windows 10 is one of the most important hardware. As time passes, battery life will decrease. Portable devices do not have enough… Read more
Do you know how GPS works on your smartphone

How GPS Works on Your Smartphone

GPS is a usual and well-known thing that everyone knows who use smartphones. Today’s review is about GPS and how it’s working on your mobile phone. Initially, the Main functionality… Read more
Create Your First Android App in Android Studio

Create Your First Android App in Android Studio

In this first Android Tutorial, we are going to create a new android studio app while learning Android App developments in Android Studio. Let’s make an android app that shows… Read more
Internet Of Things

What is the Internet Of Things(IoT)

The increased speed and bandwidth of the coming 5G average for mobile networks may even profit IoT, though that utilization will lag behind strange cell phones. Entire manufacturing unit robots… Read more
High-Frequency technology

High-Frequency Technology

The digital buying and selling umbrella additionally covers many useful and legitimate digital trading techniques. Mutations and derivatives of digital buying and selling sought and utilized more superior technology ever.… Read more
5G Network what are the Pros and Cons

5G Network: What are the Pros and Cons

It is taking about bandwidth, which now must be addressed as demand grows. This time around, a new class of bandwidth-intensive functions like VR, AR, and OTT will require it.… Read more
Artificial intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence

The system mines affected person information and other out their knowledge sources to type speculation, which it then presents with a confidence scoring what could access data and computing providers… Read more
Information Safety on the internet

Information Safety on the internet

Authorization to access data and other computing providers begins with administrative policies and procedures. The insurance policies prescribe what data and computing providers could be accessed, who, and beneath what… Read more