China Developing 50-Year Nuclear Battery for Mobile Phones

Charging your phone every now and then is a pain, isn’t it? What if you find a phone with a battery that doesn’t need to be charged for fifty years?

A company called Betavolt Technology in China has developed a nuclear battery for mobile phones by taking initial steps for this. The specialty of this is that a mobile phone can be used continuously for up to 50 years without recharging.

Earlier nuclear batteries were not successful because they were too large and could not provide enough power. Likewise, using a radioactive material like plutonium was also very dangerous.

So for this reason, Betavolt company has taken a new step and has used an artificial diamond layer that acts as a semi-conductor layer for its radionuclide battery.

This is 10 times more powerful than lithium batteries and can store 3,300 megawatt hours in one gram of battery.

Since there is no battery cycle, it does not deteriorate and is not affected by adverse environmental conditions.

The company has already developed a working prototype of this called BB 100 which is 15 × 15 × 5 mm in size and generates 100 microwatts of electricity. In the same way, they have planned to expand this technology and create a power of up to 1 watt in the next two years.

This battery is made using nickel-63 isotope.
They say that a 2-micron thick nickel-63 layer is placed between two 10-micron thick crystal diamond layers and the energy is converted.

If radiation is taken, they say that it is safe enough to be used even for medical devices used in the human body. They also said that because nickel turns into copper during depletion, there is no harmful chemical or environmental threat.

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