Wi-Fi 6 – Is it Really Much Faster

History of Wi-Fi

Today’s article presents the latest information on Wi-Fi that everyone knows. Wi-Fi was first introduced to users in 1997 if you know a little about the history of Wi-Fi. Initially, Wi-FI enabled wireless data transfer between devices with speeds of up to 2 megabytes per second. In 1999, Wi-Fi introduced itself to everyday use. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest development in W-Fi that has come up with various changes and enhancements from time to time. Technological advances have increased the use of Wi-Fi devices in the last decade. One of the problems that came up with it was slowing down as the accessories increased. Here is the main purpose of this new Wi-Fi technology to solve this problem. This is primarily intended to improve data efficiency through faster data transfer.

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How Fast is New Wi-Fi Technology?

Briefly, the answer is Wi-Fi 5 has been capable of achieving a speed of 9.6 Gbps when Wi-Fi 6 introduced. It is a rapid increment of Wi-Fi 5 comparing with the previous speed of 3.5 Gbps. Nevertheless, we all know that, even though theoretically said to be such a speed, it is practically impossible to achieve such speed. Further, it is unclear whether there is a need for such speediness in regular use. The internet states that the average speed of downloading is around 72 Mbps.

However, the newest technology of Wi-Fi is very beneficial because it does not have a need for the full speed of a single device. But, it has the ability to gain the potential speed for every device when multiple devices are connected.

The Wi-Fi 6 Technology

There are two leading technologies for speed in Wi-Fi 6. Very same technology uses in both OFDMA and MU-MIMO. Among them, MU-MIMO represents ‘’multi-user, multiple inputs, multiple outputs’’. Devices and routers already use those technologies. But it has improved in Wi-Fi 6. This MU-MIMO technology allows a router to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Now it is able to communicate with up to four devices at once with the router, and the novel Wi-Fi technique is able to increase it to 8. OFDMA, which is a second technology, denotes ‘’Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access’’. This OFDMA technology can use to provide information across multiple devices from one transmitter at the same moment.

These are the Security Tactics

Wi-Fi made its most significant security update a year ago. By using the latest WPA3 protocol. Network hacking with WPA3 protection is minimal. A hacker is able to hack but cannot get any useful data. Even though WPA 3 is not mandatory, existing devices also have WPA3. But it is compulsory to obtain a WPA3 certification through the Wi-Fi Alliance for Wi-Fi 6 devices.

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How to Get the Service of the Latest Wi-Fi 6?

You definitely need to buy a new device to experience Wi-Fi 6. Also, Wi-Fi 6 router is essential for this purpose. These devices and routers have already been released to the market, and they are available for the users now. Decorators such as Deco Mesh, AX1500 Mesh, and Archer AX90 are examples of such routers.

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Wi-Fi 6 Routers and Devices have been one of the highlights of this year’s CES. This new standard of Wi-Fi has finally become a reality at this year’s CES conference because it has been a theory for many years.

The Wi-Fi 6E has been the talk of the Wii Fi 6E. What can be said now is that it is faster and more sophisticated than Wi-Fi 6? We will conclude this article with more details. So let’s come back to this important article in the future.

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